Porta-Party at Nuit Blanche 2017

Toronto, ON


Installation, Signage

Justin Ng
Eric Oh
Tristan Sito
Ron Adriano
Nathanael Scheffler
Kelsey Dawson
& more

City of Toronto

Entrenched in issues of sanitation rights, gender identity and privatization of public space, public wathrooms are now a topic of discussion. They have the ability to be a place of recluse, sanctuary and intimate social space. Nuit Blanche is the biggest city event in Toronto, celebrating its people and their work, and it deserves a public washroom that matched. The project uses landscaping, atmospheric lighting and sound to encourage social activity in a traditionally anti-social space within the event. By integrating an important piece of infrastructure for the event into its own fabric, we more successfully capture the spirit of Nuit Blanche and provide an interesting public space.

The project was designed as a sanitation station for the City of Toronto’s annual Nuit Blanche event.