Post Everything

Montréal, QC

Master’s Thesis

David Theodore

McGill University School of Architecture 

Coming Soon

Today we live [or live in] a perpetual state of construction of both spaces and people via the “post.” Everything feels not-quite-finished, cumulative, iterative, chaotic, refined but never complete. It’s ready only once it’s ready to post. For the new generation of cultural workers, the assessment of quality, relevance, or profit comes through the question: is it ready to post online? Yet, once posted, it’s never the final word.

This review focuses on content houses, the living sets of new-generation digital creator collectives, in order to understand how architecture is implicated in the post. Post culture, that is, organizes a stream.

The research unpacks the embedded nuances of content houses by embodying the stream that cultivates it—through an agglomeration of posts. Part contemplative design of content houses and part embodiment of its cultural preoccupations in the process. Posts are the unseen structure—the generative material—of the content house. Each “post” poses its own question, leaves it without any feeling that the question has been answered, and simply moves onto the next. Together, they work towards some whole idea. Yet, it’s never whole — only in the perpetual process of becoming. It’s a world of disjunctions.

This project may be “done” but it’s not yet finished. There is no finality here because there is no finality in post culture. Being held up on defining it in ways that have already been understood, or projecting what we already know, is a disservice to the nature of the post. Posts wait for no one. Post move forward regardless of definition. So, instead, let’s just keep adding more.

Digital culture, once a small appendage barely part of our social lives, now surrounds us. Today our online performances immerse, filter, and saturate the physical world. For the inhabitants of content houses—for modern citizens—everything must be posted.

Post everything, architecture included.