Eeew—Oooh Undergraduate Studio Fal 2017 Collected Works

Cambridge, ON


Graphic & Print Design

This 2018 publication was designed for an undergraduate studio titled Eeew-oooh, instructed by Michael Fohring at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture to chronicle the term's work.

Eeew-oooh is a studio at the University of Waterloo Architecture with students examining what the term grotesque could mean today. Through ambivalence and play, the grotesque has the power to corrupt standard assumptions and make the boundaries between normal and abnormal fluid. By re-thinking or inventing a series of small usable objects in true grotesque fashion, the study explores how design can challenge and crack open a number of socio-political, cultural, and disciplinary issues that we are passionate about. By embracing the bizarre, ugly, or comical, perhaps the grotesque can point towards a more open and jolly way of being with and amongst one another.