Generic Specificity

Montréal, QC


Helena Tse

Kiel Moe
Sal Craig
Daniela Leon

McGill University School of Architecture 

The project achieves high variability using few standard elements that support a formal focus on directionality and proportion in relation to aperture and body, using critical design strategies of load path design, flow sculpting and conflated drawing. The generity and control of small individual elements generates a flexible, deceptively random whole that considers multiple programs and users of all ages. The elements are directly responsive to one another, both in the process of design and its final form.

The building is documented through multiple media that embodies the building’s presence over time, from architectural logic to on-site maintenance over time, embedded and represented through the confluence of material layers of acetate, mylar, and bond. The documents work together to counter often fragmented forms of communication between suppliers, designer, engineers, contractor, custodian and occupants; the fragmentation of the documents brings multiple viewers into its individual layers.

Cartesian Media details the metrics of the building and its variability over time, relative to the scale of the body. Eulerian Flows details the thermodynamic mosaic achieved through experimental flow sculpting-this translates to categorical program application relative to thermodynamic conditions in each room according to seasons, including a guide for a building custodian who can open and shut apertures to achieve optimal passive conditions throughout the years. Lagrangian Descriptions details the material geography, material consumption, and building assembly over time, from off-site felling all the way to on-site maintenance.