Meem Land


Samiha Meem

Designer & Writer

Montréal/New York

Samiha Meem (b. Bangladesh) is a designer and writer, situated between Montréal and New York. Trained in architecture, her work explores modes of representation and production within design and how that meets, shapes and/or is shaped by contemporary content culture and new media. This thread of identity, communication and labour bleeds into both practice and scholarship—in and out of architecture.

Meem Land is her personal creative studio where she pursues visual design and direction through collaboration with artists, architects and institutions. This includes architectural design, identities, graphics and illustrations, communications, websites, print publications, product, digital content and curation. She does other things, too. This space also serves as an evolving archive of her speculative design work, writing samples and teaching portfolio. 

She is currently teaching at McGill University School of Architecture. You can view the rest of her CV here or reach out for new project inquiries!