McGill University School of Architecture Undergraduate 2nd Year Design Studio Fall 2021

Montréal, QC

Instructor on Teaching Team

Sihem Attari, Lucy Anderson, Elyssa Baaklini, Clara Cartault, Gaël Haddad, Ziyue Jiang, Lauren Kim, Justin Lieberman, Meghan Lum, Anne-Marie Prenovost, Ciara Wade & Ruoqi Wang

The second year design studio examines form as a driver for spatial fictions. It explores the ways in which systems of geometric elements, developed through drawing and modeling —through both analog, and for the first time, digital media —can inspire projections about space and its occupation by various actors, humans or not. The studio encourages the generation, revision, and resolution of formal systems and reciprocal architectural fictions — the kinds of worlds that these systems suggest and by which they are activated. From a chosen object to a realized world, they begin to shape their formal understanding of architecture as it relates to complex urban contexts through rigorous iterative processes.